The Green Wardrobe Guide - Finding EcoChic Fashions That Look Great and Help Save the Planet

Table of Contents

Section 1 – The Fabrics

Introduction – What’s Really in Our Clothing, and Why Bother Striving for a Green Wardrobe?

  • Interview: Dan Sanders, Owner, Spiritex, Asheville, NC

Chapter 1  Organic Cotton – All Cottons Are Not Created Equal

Chapter 2  Hemp – It’s Not Just for Smokin’

Chapter 3  Bamboo – It’s Not Just for Panda Bears

  • Interview: Sass Brown, Fashion Institute of Technology, Author of “Ecofashion”

Chapter 4  Lyocell – Clothing Really Can Grow on Trees

Chapter 5  Soy, Ingeo, andAlgae? Emerging New Fabrics, and Whether Animal Fabrics Are Green

  • Interview: Anne Gillespie, Director of Industry Integrity, Textile Exchange

Section 2 – Living La Vida Eco

Chapter 6  Ecofashion on the Runway – Is Ecofashion Going Mainstream – and Upscale?

  • Interview: Amy Hall, Director of Social Consciousness, Eileen Fisher

Chapter 7  Dirty Laundry – Greener Ways to Care for Your Clothes

Chapter 8  Eco-Cosmetics to Match Your Eco-Wardrobe Know the Ugly Side of Beauty

Chapter 9  Eco-Housewares – Don’t Let the Bed Bite

Conclusion – Awareness Trends and the Future of EcoFashion

The Best Part

Where to Find Sustainable Clothing for Men, Women, and Children!

  • Listing of stores around the US and online retailers of organic, cotton, hemp, bamboo, lyocell, fair trade, etc. clothing.
  • Eco-baby stuff – listings of organic cotton baby websites, plus a brief word on protecting children from toxins.
  • All About the Men – listings of designers solely focused on providing sustainable fashions for men.

Organic cotton dresses,and purse made from organic hemp fabric.